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User names randomly getting changed

Apr 26, 2016 at 4:09 PM
We are using LDAP CP version: 1019992 and we had started noticing this behavior since Nov 2015. Users information within the person or group column in a SharePoint list/library gets randomly changed to a different users information when a new item is created or existing item is modified. For example if I have a person/group column called User and if it has a value Steve Jobs when a user modifies and save this item the value within the User column could randomly change from Steve Jobs to Bill Gates and it happens intermittently. It also does not necessary get changed to a same user all the time. For example in this case it can also get changed from Steve Jobs to Donald Trump. This is very intermittent behavior we had started noticing but is occurring very frequently. Can you please provide some insights on how to get this issue fixed?